Shine for Women in Business

This transformational program takes you through what you need to lead the way as a woman in business by understanding and developing your Nook, Look and Hook™. The three-part program helps you understand your niche and clarify your personal brand; develop an executive image and leadership presence and position you as an expert in your field by knowing your key messages and how to communicate that to the media.

Over two full days of training you will build your confidence; know how to command a room; learn how to promote you and your brand through personal and professional public relations skills and create influential impact in your marketplace. This workshop is held as a public workshop and ideal for the entrepreneurial business woman who wants to make a name for herself. Register your interest here.

You may be in the corporate arena or have an internal emerging female leaders team who would benefit from advanced personal branding and executive positioning. Perhaps you would like us to run this program for your organisation or member's association? We will work with you to design a program that suits your needs.

Shine for Women in Business is a two-day course, to help participants:

  • Gain clarity on personal strengths and personal brand attributes
  • Develop your personal brand statement
  • Package your executive image for leadership impact
  • Networking to build business relationships
  • Learn how to make a confident presentation
  • Define and market your leadership brand effectively to others
  • Understand media messaging and public relations skills
  • Create a public profile visibility action plan
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